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I’m Injured… Now What?

The most important step you can take after an accident is to call an experienced lawyer.

What to do immediately after an accident:

“Don’t speak to anyone outside of attaining contact information until you’ve spoken to your attorney”-Danny Cornell

Document Everything

Document Everything
Medical Attention

Seek Immediate Medical Attention
Report the Incident

Report the Incident


Call Your Lawyer

Call Your Lawyer

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Document Everything

The more documentation you have, the stronger your case for a damages claim for your personal injury will be. You will prove yourself to be a reliable witness, making your testimony iron clad.

  • Take pictures of the scene of the incident if you are well enough.
  • Record as much information into our available Accident Journal, available in print and fillable PDF.
  • Get the contact and insurance information of the negligent party. Do not speak to them or their insurance adjusters as they twist anything you say against you in an effort to diminish your credibility or worthiness of award.

Download Our Accident Journal

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Your health and safety must be your #1 priority. After the incident, ensure you go directly to a medical professional regardless of how you feel immediately.

Oftentimes, injuries do not present themselves right away or can be covered by a recent spike in adrenaline. Regardless of how you feel, you must seek medical attention.

Getting assessed will not only help you heal but will also provide you with the necessary medical documentation that can be used later for your personal injury case. If health problems begin to arise over time, you now have a full history that dates back to the event, helping your case and eligibility for compensation

Report the Incident

If you need to report the incident and to which parties it must be reported depends on the specifics of your case. Below is a general guide to follow:

  • Car accidents must be reported to the law enforcement
  • Work injuries must be reported to your supervisor

Creating a report is vital to building your case and cannot be skipped.

Contact a Lawyer

The next stage to establishing a case is to hire a personal injury lawyer. It is important to select a lawyer carefully as this will be your advocate throughout your legal process. It is best to interview a few lawyers and ask questions. You want to feel good about the person you are hiring to advocate for you.

At Cornell Injury Law, we offer free consultations that you can book by either Calling or Texting us. We would love to be considered for your personal injury case, but don’t trust us, look at our 5 star Google review average from glowing past clients.

#1 Priority is to Take Care of Yourself & Cover Your Bases

Before speaking to anyone speak with an attorney FIRST. Insurance companies are notorious for reaching out in sneaky ways to do things that are not in your best interest.

Remember, any documented statements can be used against you to diminish your recovery of damages. Be careful navigating this process alone.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you will meet with your lawyer to determine how much you are owed in damages.

How does my lawyer determine what my case is worth?

Determining the value of your claim is dependent on a few different factors. First, the special damages, or hard costs can be easily added up. These include costs such as medical bills, lost income due to missing work, and the cost of repairs to damaged property. Second, general damages must be calculated. General damages are more difficult to assign a monetary value since they include pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

Download our Accident Journal

Injuries and accidents are unfortunate and unexpected. Remain prepared at all times by downloading our accident journal

  • Download the PDF
  • Print it out for the less tech-savvy in your family

* Keep a copy on your phone and in your car’s glovebox for yourself and loved ones.