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Do you need a Lawyer?

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Do I need a lawyer?

If you’ve been injured, due to the fault of another, yes. You’re owed compensation. Here’s why:

Our society is upheld by a fabric of laws and policies that standardize your public right to health and safety. When you’ve been harmed, physically or otherwise, it’s important to answer this question:

Is someone liable for my injury?

The answer is commonly yes. We believe in personal accountability, “You break it, you buy it.”

That’s what insurance is for.

When something goes wrong, seeking justice is not to point a finger in blame of your fellow neighbors. It’s about leaning on the systems that are set in place to protect you.

Corporate interests stand in your way.

Because they don’t want to pay. The fight is not man against man; it’s David versus Goliath. I make it my job to strike down your barriers to justice.

What is Personal Injury?

An injury to a person’s body, mind, emotions and quality of life.
What is PI Law?
Personal injury law is a framework of laws and policies operating within the context of facts on how negligence, an accident - or worse - has caused injury to a person. This person is owed compensation for the toll the harm has taken on them. A lawsuit can achieve justice for the injured party.
What is Negligence?
Negligence is the absence of reasonable care, consideration or caution, which can result in injury or harm.
What is Liability?
Liability is a lawful responsibility to compensate another party financially and sometimes otherwise.
Who are ‘Parties’ in a lawsuit?
The main parties in a lawsuit include the Plaintiff (the person who files the lawsuit) and the Defendant (the person being sued).
What is a ‘Cause of Injury’?
How were you hurt? This is a crucial piece of information in a lawsuit that will help the court identify and explore your right to justice.
What is a trial?
Insurance companies covering a guilty party will try to settle for as little as possible, placating the victim from getting the compensation they need for a full recovery. We take your case to trial to fiercely achieve full justice for you.

Settlement: $45,000 vs Trial Win: $1 million.
What is a contingency fee?
At CIL, we earn our keep through contignency fees. You should never worry about affording a lawyer for your sudden and life-changing injury. We only get paid when you win.
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Practice Areas

We are skilled and unintimidated when fighting for your justice in cases spanning the following areas:

We are your fearless protector that will steer you towards the recovery you need and the compensation you deserve.

Help is Here

You dont pay unless you win. Don’t shoulder another penny of financial burden when you can’t afford a retainer.
Our community can enjoy a warm welcome and free case evaluations, so you never have to choose cost over peace of mind.

What is the process of making a claim in Iowa?

After your incident, you need to hire a lawyer in order to protect yourself and effectively make a claim. Here’s the typical claims process in Iowa:

Gather Evidence

Start your incident journal immediately and visit your doctor. These records will help us win your case.

Send a Demand

A settlement opportunity letter is mailed to the offending party. They have a choice of whether to respond to your demand.

File a Personal
Injury Lawsuit

This is where the infamous ‘you’ve been served’ quote comes from. If the offending party doesn’t respond to your demand letter, we file our suit into the court system to proceed with the legal process.


Evidence is compiled formally before trial for both parties.


This is a formal process where a third party facilitates a negotiation between both parties in an effort towards a settlement. This can close out before a trial, but in personal injury, the settlement pre-trial is often low-balled.


In some cases, a fair agreement can be made without going to trial, also called ‘settling’ - although we do not shy away from a judge and jury to tell your story.

Personal Injury Trial

We will present our case in front of a judge and jury. The negligent party’s insurance legal team will defend to protect themselves from paying money out. Danny will stand fearlessly in honor of your human rights.


If for some reason the case is not ruled in our favor, we will assess our opportunities. Oftentimes the best course of action is to head back into battle with an evidence-based appeal.


What is the process of making a claim in Iowa?

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