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The 3 Things You Can Do to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney or Personal Injury Lawyer Near You

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Over more than 25 years of honest, hard work, I have become known as the best personal injury lawyer and car accident attorney in Iowa. My clients know me, they trust me and will be my clients forever. They call me whenever they need a lawyer. Sometimes it’s real estate, probate, tax, etc. As a trial lawyer, I am not the best attorney to handle their case, but I am happy to find them the best lawyer for their situation. I also have clients who have moved, friends, and family all over the nation who have the same problem, they suffered an injury in a car accident, or another form of personal injury and they don’t know where to turn for help. I can’t practice in California but again, I am happy to help them find the best attorney who can represent them. Trust me, choosing the right lawyer makes all the difference in the compensation you receive.

In this article, I will explain the 3 things you can do to find the best car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer near you, wherever you live.

  • Experienced Trial Lawyer. I have served on the Iowa Association for Justice Board of Governors for several decades. The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) educates and empowers attorneys who fight for justice in our courthouses and communities and defends the legal rights of Iowans who seek justice in our courts. Every state has a similar organization with board members who fight to protect people who have been injured and damaged due to the negligence of others. Go to the website and review the biography of the board member in your region. I am certain you will find the best personal injury lawyer near you.
  • Find a Lawyer Service on the State Bar Association Website. I have been an active member of the Iowa State Bar Association for more than 25 years. The Iowa State Bar Association has a page dedicated to helping people find the right lawyer for their situation. It is called Iowa Find-A-Lawyer and is broken down by practice area, county, and city. Additionally, lawyers have agreed to charge $25 or less for the first 30 minutes of consultation. Similar services are available on every state bar website throughout the nation.
  • Email and/or call me Danny L. Cornell. I will be happy to listen to your situation and connect you with the best lawyer available to help you, no matter where you live. My email is my office number is 319-946-4019 my cell phone number is (319) 931-1004.
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