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How the Laws Changed in Iowa After the 2018 Legislative Session

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The 2018 legislative session in Iowa closed in early May. The Republican majority brought about a number of key changes to a variety of laws. What are the legal changes that you should know? We have outlined them here in our Southeast Iowa personal injury law blog for your convenience. We want our clients to be informed of their rights!

Some of the most significant changes in Iowa law are:

  • Bill SF 2113 requires the majority of people employed by or in conjunction with an educational institution to undergo suicide prevention training. The goal is allowing more adults to recognize warning signs in students and intervening before they hurt themselves or others.
  • Bill HF 2456 allows the creation of six mental healthcare centers, 22 community treatment “teams”, and an undetermined number of service homes throughout Iowa. This bill also prioritizes mental health in the state.
  • Bill HF 2377 increases regulations on opioid prescriptions in Iowa. Medical providers of all sorts will encounter greater scrutiny before being able to prescribe an opioid. This bill should help fight the ongoing opioid epidemic.
  • Bill SF 2349 permits certain small businesses to avoid Affordable Care Act compliance without consequence when offering healthcare plans to employees.
  • Bill SF 359 bans abortions as early as only six weeks into pregnancy. The bill is expected to be challenged in higher courts.
  • An immigration law bill was signed by Governor Kim Reynolds that removes certain protections for undocumented immigrants who are targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigations.
  • Bill HF 2230 and Bill SF 455 funnel more tax money towards education, totaling about $46 million.
  • Bill HF 2338 allows more driving under the influence (DUI) sentences and license restrictions to include the installation and use of an ignition interlock device (IID). This bill may help prevent drunk driving accidents.

For more information about the legal changes in Iowa, click here to view a report from Iowa State Daily. If you need to file an injury claim in Iowa but do not know where to begin, you can contact Danny Cornell Law and our Southeast Iowa personal injury attorney today. We prioritize and defend your best interests and rights when pursuing compensation from a negligent party that caused you harm.

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